The Importance of Credit Reports to Your Financial Security

credit reportTo fully understand the importance of credit reports and how they help calculate your financial future, you must first understand what credit means. By definition, credit is using the amount of trust you’ve earned from your bank as currency to make a purchase. In laymen’s terms, credit works somewhat like a modern day I.O.U. (I owe you) currency that promises you will pay off the full amount in the future.

This type of credit purchasing can come in the form of a loan, a credit card, a in-store credit card you apply for, or even receiving money from a friend. Credit is a beautiful way to build up your reputation with banks and the financial system over the course of many years. Many areas of your life are dictated by your credit score and your history with payments. Purchases like homes, cars, renting a house, and even applying for certain jobs may require that you undergo a credit check. This credit check will signify what type of person you are according to your payment history of credit that you’ve taken out.

Why Credit Reports are Important

Now that you understand the basics of how credit works, let’s go into detail as to why you need to inquire about credit reports. Credit reports act as a track record for your financial past. When you ask for a credit report you will receive a detailed breakdown of all the debts that you’ve acquired throughout your life and which ones still need to be paid.

Credit reports are a tactical way to address past debts that you’ve acquired and pay them off in a timely manner. Similarly, your credit report might show that your credit history has been rough and that you’ve missed many payments along the way. The report will show an overall ‘score’ that dictates how healthy your credit score is.

According to, the credit score system is broken down as the following:

  • Superior Credit Score: 781 – 850
  • Excellent Credit: 661 – 780
  • Fair Credit: 601 – 660
  • Bad Credit: 501 – 600
  • Horrible Credit: 500 and Below

If your score is low, don’t fret! There are tactics and procedures that you can start taking immediately in order to change that credit score. Remember, many of the areas of your life will be dictated by this number and it’s underlying history.

The first tactic you can take is eliminating your debt. Bottom line, debt is hurting your overall credit score. Once this debt is addressed, it’s time to consult the bank about a secured credit card. This card allows you to pay in a chosen amount (usually $300 – $500) for one year. You can use this credit card up to that amount that you’ve paid in to your bank. You make payments on this card every month for the 12 month period in order to improve your credit score.

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The Art of Clairvoyance

tarot cardsA psychic reading is an attempt to gain information about the past, future, present, and various events based on skills and abilities called clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is a type of vision to help others gain information about various things, including other people, events, and even the afterlife. There are many skeptics who believe that psychic readings and clairvoyance are fake, and merely the act of people seeking money for entertainment, however, many today swear by the art.

There are many ways to have a psychic reading, and some are common while others are extremely obscure. All of which typically involve some sort of outside source guiding the reader so that they can perform a valid reading. Astrology is one of the most common means of performing a psychic reading, in fact, many of us today read horoscopes in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. These horoscopes are psychic readings done using astrological signs and dates.

Everyone who enjoys psychic readings and various other forms of Clairvoyance typically have a favorite method. Numerology is another way as it is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and the influence they have over our lives. Palm reading, something many of us know at least something about because of movies and books, is the ability to read someone’s future, past, and life based on the shape, lines and wrinkles of their hands. Another very popular method is tarot reading, in which a person uses a deck of cards and gathers information based on how they lay the cards and various questions asked. Tarot cards do not seem to require any sort of psychic abilities but are one of the more extremely popular methods.

A psychic reading is not typically something that is difficult to acquire, but finding a reputable psychic is a bit more problematic. These days you can easily get a reading online or over the phone, for sometimes a very high fee. Given the impersonal nature of these types of readings it would be hard to tell just how valid these readings are. Some people believe that readings are better done when you are face to face with the reader. Skeptics believe that being face to face with a reader allows them to read body language giving them the information they need to gain the clients trust.

Many people find psychic readings to be entertaining, regardless of whether or not they are true. There are a vast number of both skeptics and believers when it comes to psychics. Whether you are using tarot cards, runes, numerology, palm reading or astrology, the rule of thumb is to be careful about how you use the information given. It’s often not recommended to make any life altering decisions purely based on a psychic reading. Many good clairvoyants will warn you against making big decisions based on their reading and that their reading is merely their interpretation of the information gathered and presented. In the end what you do with it, is up to you.